Unit 149 (WUMBA) - District 13
Interesting Hands: Declare or Defend?
Declare or Defend? Subject: Double Dummy Problem
Event: Bracket 1 KOs, Madison Sectional, December 11, 1999
Board: 18
Dealer: East
Vul: N-S
S A x x
H A Q 8 6 4
C A J x
S Q 10 x x
H K 10 5 2
D x x
C K x x
  S J x
H 9
D A J x x x x
C x x x x
  S K x x x
H J 7 3
D 10 x x
C Q x x
The Auction
    P P
P 1 H P 2 H
P 4 H All Pass  

The actual play. Ace of diamonds and continuation. Ace of hearts, then low heart to Jack and King. Low spade to King, and the 7 of hearts, ducked by West (whoops). Low club to Jack, play off 2 remaining trumps, Ace of spades (Queen is unblocked), and spade to 10 for successful endplay. If the heart 7 had been covered, North would be an entry short.

But, North believes that the hand can be made double-dummy, with the same lead, (although he does not claim that he would have ever found the line of play at the table).

North did not provide a solution either. So, either find the winning line of play or show that the defense can always prevail.