ACBL Unit # 149/WUMBA

September 21, 2008


The Semi-annual meeting of the Board of Directorís of ACBL, Unit #149/WUMBA, was held on September 21, 2008, at the Reiter Center, 1858 South Michigan Street, Three Lakes, Wisconsin.† President, Denise Hoffman, called the meeting to order at 0845.


Roll Call and Welcome

A roll call sheet was circulated.† The following were present:† Sharon Basal, George Bleskachek, Brian Carlson, Stan Fuhrmann, Nancy Grimes, Denise Hoffman, Marge Jones, Pat Kaufman, Sandy Manglitz, Terry McCloskey, Carol Konrad, Bill Murphy, Maria Roswall, Dennis Ryan, Mike Selchert and Glenna Shannahan.† Cerona Stevens attended as proxy for Fraser Strome.† Peter Loken was unable to attend for health reasons, and was excused.† President, Denise Hoffman, announced that Faye Velguth resigned her position as secretary for health reasons. Sharon Donahue also resigned, and her position remains unfilled at this time.†† Carol Konrad will serve as acting secretary until elections next March.† Faye was recognized for her years of service as secretary, and thanked for all of her hard work, and for her numerous contributions over the years.† Dennis Ryan was welcomed as a new board member who was appointed to fill out Darlene Beachís term as representative from her area.† Darlene also gave up her position for health reasons.


Minutes of March 30, 2008

Glenna Shannahan moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting, held on March 30, 2008, and to dispense with the reading of those minutes since all members have received copies.† This motion was second by Terry McCloskey.† Motion carried.


Treasurerís Report

Brian Carlson brought and distributed the Treasurerís report prepared by Treasurer, Don Schutte.†† Brian reported that Don was requesting that a template be prepared for the

Treasurerís report in order to provide continuity in the format, and to make it easier for members to follow.† A short discussion followed, but no decision was reached.† A motion to accept the Treasurerís Report as written was made by Glenna Shannahan, and second by Marge Jones.† Motion carried.


Reports from Standing Committees


Carol Konrad will continue on as Novice Coordinator and Acting Secretary.† Denise Hoffman will take on the responsibilities of Educational Coordinator.


At the present time, we do not have a budget for individual tournaments, nor do we have anyone checking to determine whether claimed tournament expenses are reasonable and legitimate.† Three individuals/groups will assume responsibility for this oversight.† They are the tournament director, the Tournament Model Committee, and the Budget/Finance Committee.†† It was also suggested that a tournament chair checklist be developed.† Sharon Basal volunteered to head this project.† Due to time constraints, this matter will be tabled until the March meeting.




Chicago lost its site for the July regional.† This has resulted in a problem receiving approval for the Green Bay Sectional, which is scheduled for July.

The District 13 Split Regional has been approved, for 2010, to be held in a northern section of our area and concurrent with the Chicago Regional.†


We have also received approval to hold an annual Non-Life-Masterís Regional Tournament.† It was suggested that we try to schedule it for spring of 2009, and hold it concurrent with the Appleton Tournament. It is hoped that we will be able to award gold points for winning knockouts.† All other points awarded will be red.


Denise distributed a handout (available upon request) that she prepared which showed attendance at tournaments of members with less than 200 master points.† She emphasized that over one-half of our membership falls into this category.† Statistics that she collected clearly show that attendance was up at tournaments holding special 199er games.† Increased attendance at Appleton, Hayward, Green Bay, and Marquette correlated with the increased number of 199er games, which were scheduled at these tournaments.† At the end of her presentation, Denise recommended that we require all tournament chairpersons to schedule at least one I/N game per day at each tournament.† A motion was made by Marge Jones, and seconded by Bill Murphy that we do so.† Brian Carlson moved that we amend the motion to state that the Board strongly recommends that at least one I/N event be scheduled each day of every tournament.† The change to the original motion was approved by both Marge and Bill, and second by Carol Konrad. Motion carried.



Lee Prellwitz had requested that Club Managers provide him with E-mail addresses for club members.† A reminder was given that these addresses be forwarded to him by those who have not yet done so.† He would like to distribute as many copies of the newsletter by E-mail as possible in order assure that everyone has access to a copy, as well as to save on the costs of printing and postage.


Budget & Finance Committee

The budget/Finance Committee reported (available upon request) on the need for card tables and a trailer for tournament use.† Eau Claire offered to donate 40 tables.† Glenna Shannahan moved that the Wumba tournament coordinator purchase a trailer and new tables as needed. Bill Murphy seconded the motion.† Nancy Grimes proposed that clubs sponsoring tournaments be allowed to use their own tables, and that they either be reimbursed $50.00 for the use of their own tables, or be charged $50.00 for the use of WUMBA tables.† A motion to this effect was made by Terry McCloskey and seconded by Glenna Shannahan.† Motion passed.

Membership Committee

The membership committee is in need of a new chairperson.† Nancy Grimes will consider accepting this position.


Educational Liaison and Novice Coordinator

Please refer to the written report (attached).† Carol Konrad moved that the sum of $1000.00 be allocated to the committee between now and September 2009.† These funds will enable the committee to begin to work on the goals as identified in the written report.† Membership is concentrated around active teachers.† It was proposed that funds be approved to increase recruitment, training and support of teachers.


Other Business

Sharon Basal proposed that WUMBA also set aside money to pay for teacher training sessions.† Terry McCloskey moved that a stipend of $250.00 be given to any teacher for advanced bridge education.† This was second by Dennis Ryan.† Motion approved.

The fees for our upcoming regional in Harris Michigan were discussed.† Glenna Shannahan moved that we lower the fee to $10.00 per session.† This was second by Nancy Grimes.† Dennis moved to amend the motion that that fees remain at $12.00.† Brian Carlson seconded. Motion defeated.† Motion to lower fees to $10.00/session for WUMBA Regional tournaments approved. Maria Roswall moved that we keep the same price for the Newcomer/Intermediate games.†† Terry McCloskey seconded this motion.†



A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Nancy Grimes and seconded by Brian Carlson.† Motion carried.† Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.


Plans for Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held in Appleton, Wisconsin, on March 28, 2009 at 8:45a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Carol Konrad


Acting Secretary