Unit 149 (WUMBA) - District 13
American Contract Bridge League
  Special Notices

Conditions of contest for Pair/Team games in WUMBA beginning October 1, 2016

Tournament chairs now have options as to the conditions of contest for pair/team games. The tournament chair may allow teams of 4 to enter as a team, or pairs to enter (cannot select teammates), to be paired with another pair by the tournament director.
Many WUMBA tournaments now have both of these options in a single tournament.

If the entry as a team of 4 is not available, then the tournament director will presumably match pairs approximately as follows:
1. All pair assignments will be random draw.
2. Flight "A" pairs will be teamed with flight "C" pairs.
3. Flight "B" pairs will be teamed with each other.
4. Pair game strata will be per flyer.
5. Team strata will be C = 40%, B = 30%, A = 30% +/-

CHECK THE FLYER for the option(s) chosen by the tournament chair!

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